SSL Option does not work during Servicedesk Installation

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 When installing Servicedesk, an option is presented to be able to configure your installtion to use SSL.  This option does not work correctly


 Servicedesk 7.5


 The values that are selected do not actually properly configure the database with the proper URL prefix (https:\\...)


 After you install Servicedesk, you can enable SSL.  Once you have your certifcate in place,  In addition to running the SQL below, you should edit the application properties and change all "http:" entries to "https:".

To modify the Application Properties, open your Servicedesk installation as the system administrator.  Then:

1.  Click on Admin>Data>Application Properties.  (note you may have to click "More" to find the Admin option)

2.  You should then see the Servicedesk Application Properties profile.  Click the lightning bolt next on the right side of the listing and select "Display Definition Values"

3.  Now click the orange lightning bolt on the right side again.

4.  Here  you can simply review all of the URL entries and change any that are configured with http: to https:

5.  Next go to Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\WorkflowDeploy\Release.  In this folder are a number of folders that correspond to the published projects.  In each folder you'll find a properties.config file.  In each properties.config you'll need to edit the BaseURLtoProject value and ensure the URL reflects https: rather than http:. 

6.  Next go to Start > Programs > Symantec > Workflow > Workflow Designer > Tools > Server Extensions Configurator.  In the WebService Auto Invoke section click the ellipsis after Manual Setup Info.  Highlight the existing line and click Edit.  Edit the URL to be https: rather than http:.  Click OK until prompted to Save, then Save, OK, and Yes to restart Server Extensions service and finally OK again.

7.  Then run the script below




USE ProcessManager



DECLARE @oldAddress nvarchar(50), @newAddress nvarchar(50)

SET @oldAddress = 'http:'

SET @newAddress = 'https:'

UPDATE TaskResponse 

SET [URL] = REPLACE(URL,@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

FROM TaskResponse


SET [UrlOfProcess] = REPLACE(UrlOfProcess,@oldAddress,@newAddress) 



SET [UrlOfResponseService] = REPLACE(UrlOfResponseService,@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

FROM task

UPDATE ReportProcessHistory 

SET [UrlOfProcess] = REPLACE(UrlOfProcess,@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

FROM ReportProcessHistory

UPDATE ReportProcessReference 

SET [Url] = REPLACE(Url,@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

FROM ReportProcessReference

UPDATE ReportProcess 

SET [UrlOfProcess] = REPLACE(UrlOfProcess,@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

FROM ReportProcess

UPDATE ReportProcess 

SET [ReferralURL] = REPLACE(ReferralURL,@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

FROM ReportProcess

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [kbmanagement_url] = REPLACE([kbmanagement_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

FROM profile_service_desk_settings

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [risk_score] = REPLACE([risk_score],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [server_fqdn] = REPLACE([server_fqdn],@oldAddress,@newAddress)

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [hd_6_migration_monitoring_service_url] = REPLACE([hd_6_migration_monitoring_service_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [change_management_url] = REPLACE([change_management_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [problem_management_url] = REPLACE([problem_management_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [incident_management_url] = REPLACE([incident_management_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [asset_view_url] = REPLACE([asset_view_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [data_services_url] = REPLACE([data_services_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [process_manager_url] = REPLACE([process_manager_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE profile_service_desk_settings 

SET [inbound_mail_management_url] = REPLACE([inbound_mail_management_url],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE MasterSettings

SET [GlobalServiceLocationURL] = REPLACE([GlobalServiceLocationURL],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 

UPDATE MasterSettings

SET [BaseURLToEnsemble] = REPLACE([BaseURLToEnsemble],@oldAddress,@newAddress) 



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