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 The Symantec Management platform web-console is much slower than expected.


Symantec Management Platform, 7.x

This normally happens on system with a certain workload attached - so a test or pre-production server with similar configuration and lower specification would run perfectly fine.

One specific problem happens only to servers with no Internet access.


There are 3 mains causes to slow SMP web-consoles:

  • IIS Worker process memory overload (w3wp.exe memory is > 1.0GiB, CPU is at 75~100% usage)
  • CRL checks are causing signicant delay loading CLR assemblies (profiler trace show large delay in InitCommitHandler)
  • The Task Server running on the SMP has too many clients (> 100)


 Here are the 3 articles that you should read and keep in mind whenever dealing with new environment or slow web-consoles:

  • HOWTO82344: How to implement custom application pools on the SMP to improve web-console performance
  • TECH193594: Resolving the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) lookup performance issue
  • HOWTO48411: Best Practice: Managing Task Server Communications in 7.0 and 7.1 (see Question and Answer 5)


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