Updating dependencies in IT Analytics times out

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When attempting to update dependencies in IT Analytics, either by adding/removing linked servers or by clicking Update Dependencies (Settings > IT Analytics > Connections > Symantec CMDB), the Console displays a text box stating "Updating Dependencies" for three minutes and then displays another text box stating "Error Updating Dependencies:Unknown Server Error".



In the NS logs the following error will be seen immediately after the "Unknown Server Error":

Unhandled exception.  Type=System.Web.HttpException Msg=Request timed out.

Extra Details:  Type=System.Threading.ThreadAbortException Src=Altiris.ITAnalyticsCSMP )","Altiris.ITAnalyticsCSMP.Web.Services.CMDBConnectionManager.RegenerateViews","w3wp","1084"
Exception in Regenerate Views inside CSMP ConnectionsThread was being aborted.


IT Analytics 7.1 SP2


The background process behind updating dependencies is executing the stored procedure spITAnalytics_CSMP_CreateViews. If the stored procedure takes over three minutes to execute, this will cause the console to timeout, causing the "Unknown Server Error". This can be tested by manually executing the stored procedure from SQL Management Studio.


Edit and add the following directly below <system.web> within the Web.config file located in C:\Program Files\Altiris\ITAnalyticsCSMP\Web:

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="90" maxRequestLength="4096" useFullyQualifiedRedirectUrl="false"
minFreeThreads="8" minLocalRequestFreeThreads="4" appRequestQueueLimit="100" />

Note: The provided addition to the web.config file can be found within the following Microsoft KB


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