VERITAS Volume Manager 2.7 for Windows 2000 HotFix05a English Symbols

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VERITAS Volume Manager 2.7 for Windows 2000 HotFix05a English Symbols


The symbols included with this download are for the debugging of VERITAS Volume Manager 2.7 for Windows 2000 with Hotfix05a, English version.

Follow these steps to download and save the symbols file:

1. Click the Download Now link below.
2. The file download box will be presented. Select "Save this program to disk" and click OK.
3. Select a directory to save the file to and click Save.

The file will now be copied to the specified location.

4. To extract the symbols, navigate to the directory where the file resides and double-click it.
5. If desired, change the directory where the symbols will be extracted.
6. When satisfied with destination directory, click the Extract button to finish the installation.

What are symbols
Symbols are names that software developers assign to various pieces of code. Debug Symbol files (symbols) are required to do both kernel and user-mode debugging in Windows. Symbols provide a way to resolve global variables and function names in the loaded executable file. Having debug symbols can make a huge difference when attempting to locate a problem in your application.

Patched builds such as Service Packs require a special set of symbols, that is a combination of the base build and the patched symbols.

The above and additional information on symbols can be found at Microsoft's web site .


VM2K27HF05symbols_247331.exe (911 kBytes)

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