vxdmp errors on EFI devices

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EFI devices giving vxdmp errors - due to no 'wd' entry on devices.


Oct 26 10:04:56 SERVER vxvm:vxconfigd: [ID 702911 daemon.notice] V-5-1-5249 ddl_detect_nonscsi : find_physical_path() fails for /dev/rdsk/c4t5006016A3B20554Dd48


Release: Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 s10s_u10wos_17b SPARC
Patch level: SunOS 5.10 Generic_147440-23
Architecture: sun4v sparc sun4v

40 7be78000 56bb0 328 1 vxdmp (VxVM 6.0RP1HF2:Multipathing Dr)
42 7c002000 281500 329 1 vxio (VxVM 6.0RP1HF2 I/O driver)
44 7be18ab0 1190 330 1 vxspec (VxVM 6.0RP1HF2 control/status d)
194 7b75f758 9a8 - 1 dmpaa (Generic Module for AA type disk)
195 7b2b15e8 a50 - 1 dmpap (Generic Module for AP type disk)
196 7be21548 9b8 - 1 dmpjbod (Generic Module for JBODs)

 29  13a72c8   3668 335    1  emcpsf (PP SF
 30  13aa3b8  3dd78 334   1  emcp (PP Driver
 34  13fc848   2e28       -   1  emcpgpx (PP GPX Ext
 35 7be1a000  2c198     -   1  emcpmpx (PP MPX Ext
 36 7be3e000   79f0      -   1  emcpvlumd (PP VLUMD Manager
 37 7be46000  1c2c0     -   1  emcpxcrypt (PP XCRYPT Manager
 38 7be62000   d9d0      -   1  emcpdm (PP DM Manager
 39  13fef98    4d0         -   1  emcpioc (PP PIOC


EMCPower path configuration


Customer upgraded to product version 6.0RP1HF2
-- EMC recommendation:
Solution given:  Use format -e to force the label of the device and the creation of the specific "wd" slice) is working;

 Or use the following workaround:  Change the failover mode on the Clariion from 1 to 4 (ALUA). It is supported by Oracle, VxVm and PowerPath ... and this should address the issue ... if this is really the issue Oracle is suggesting (wrong information coming from the passive path).

Note that after changing the failover mode to 4, reboot is required with reconfiguration flag for the change to be taken into account (reboot -- -r).

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