EV Collection hangs at 'Mail file scan completed, copying histograms to destination'

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Collection will hang during a EV collection if the Mailbox archive being searched has no associated email. 



Version 712 and FIX1

 Affects Enterprise Vault Mailbox and Shared Archives only (not related to Journal Archives).


Content retrieval CSV files are generated for Mailbox archives that have an associated email address, but not for archives that does not have an associated email address.  The Collection hangs at the point when Clearwell reports the ‘Search results for archive….’.  Clearwell collected from only two of the three and cannot report on the Mailbox archive that does not have the associated email address.





- Copy the Collection Task and remove the offending archive(s) from the Archive list.
- Delete the failed Collection Task and run the newly modified Collection Task.

To search the archive that does not have an associated email:
- Set up a separate Collection Task with only one archive (without associated email) selected to collect.
- Add the proper custodian under the 'Custodian Assignment' tab and run the Collection Task.


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ESA-29071.CB: Collection will hang during a EV collection if the Mailbox archive being searched has no associated email

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH200738

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