Java gui and VOM not showing Bind option for FSType

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 The "bind" option for VCS Mount resource is not available from drop down menu in VOM or hagui in any 5.x or 6.0GA version


 SLES or Red Hat (both linux versions that Symantec supports).


 The bind option is missing from the /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Mount/Mount.xml file:

<FSType type="str" dimension="Scalar" editable="True"
important="True" mustconfigure="True" unique="False" persistent="True"
range="" default="" displayname="FSType">
<attr_description>Type of file system.</attr_description>

Although the Bundled Agents guide shows Symantec supports bind as an FSType:


Type of file system.

Supports vxfs, bind, ext2, ext3, nfs, or reiserfs.



 The fix has been put into 6.0SP1, where the bind FSType has been added to the Mount.xml file.

If an upgrade is not possible, as a workaround this value could be added into the file /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/Mount/Mount.xml  manually, an example is provided below.

          <value>bind</value>  <-- Added Value

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