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If you are experiencing any of the following issues while using PC Transplant 6.5, upgrade to PC Transplant 6.5 Hotfix 27623:

Article Title Description Article ID
System32 folder is displayed after PCT 6.5 Migration After the deployment of a PCT 6.5 personality package, the System32 folder is displayed on the target machine. 22702
File type exclude filters in PCT Templates do not display when reopened If a user selects a file type for migration, then goes into the advanced options of the file type and creates an exclude rule using one of the PCT "Special Folders" that exclude does not display the next time that template is used. 26927
Files marked for redirection are captured but not deployed When files are marked for redirection in the PCT template the files are captured correctly but do not deploy when the package is executed on the destination computer. 26110
Prioritization of filters in PCT template changes during capture When a user changes the priority of filters in a PC Transplant template and then uses that template to capture a personality from a system the filters appear to have changed priority. 26921
Options in template taking precedence over command-line switches. In some cases switches provided in template file takes higher precedence than those provided in the command-line. 27950
PCT user switch option +orphanusers does not work When attempting to capture orphaned (disconnected) users off of a system the user adds the +orphanusers option to the -user command line switch but the orphaned users are not captured. 27240
Windows Explorer runs automatically after deploying personality package After deploying a personality package to a computer, Windows Explorer and possibly other programs are being run automatically at login. 28389


This upgrade is PC Transplant Solution 6.5.1032.


There were many different causes for the fixes in this hotfix. See the individual articles for more information.


To upgrade to PC Transplant Solution 6.5 Hotfix 27623 (6.5.1032), download and execute PCTSetupHotFix1.exe from ftp://ftp2.altiris.com/files/PCT_6.5_Hotfix. As this is an upgrade, it requires a previous installation of PC Transplant Solution 6.5

For users of Deployment Solution: Your copy of PC Transplant Solution 6.5 was installed by the Deployment Solution 6.8 installer, this PC Transplant Solution upgrade installer will possibly fail. Altiris is currently working on this issue, and we will post a new version of the hotfix installer that will work for you when we are able to identify and rectify the cause.

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If you do not want to wait for you update, you can download PC Transplant Pro 6.5 from http://www.altiris.com/download.aspx, install it on another computer, license it, run the update installer against that installation, then copy the PCT directory from that computer over the PCT directory in your DS client access point.

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