Software update deployment through Patch Management Solution reverts any Adobe Reader customizations.

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Client has customizations implemented, but when the Software Update Policy for an updated version is rolled out through Patch Management, these customizations are reverted to default settings.

Example: Created a transform file (.mst) using Adobe Customization Wizard 9 for Adobe Reader 9.4.0. Then, created a Software Update Policy for APSB12-01 (includes a full installation of Adobe Reader 9.5.0. Once the Software Update Policy installed; all customizations to Adobe Reader were defaulted.

These customizations are detailed more on Symantec Connect


Patch Management 7.1 SP1, SP2 & MP1


This is a cause of Vendor Data overwriting the customizations implemented in the previous version.


In this case; the vendor's update is what is causing the reverted settings.

This is working as designed, for the Patch Management Solution merely deploys the vendor's updates.

The following workaround option may be utilized:
Create a transform file, adding the transform file to the package folder associated with the update, and creating a custom command line for the update package

  1. Use Adobe Customization Wizard to create the transform file.
  • Transform file will be applied to the .msi during installation.
  • Adobe Customization Wizard is a free utility for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader that enables the pre-deployment of installation customizations.
  • Adobe Customization Wizard 9:
  • Note: Wizard version must be the same as the product version


  1. Add created Transform File to Software Update Package on the Notification Server

  2. Create a custom Command Line
  • - add –nos_o”./”  argument in order to extract EXE package to Software Update Package folder, where transform file is located
  • - add TRANSFORMS argument in order to apply transform file
  • example: AdbeRdr950_en_US.exe -nos_o"./" /sAll /msi /norestart ALLUSERS=1 TRANSFORMS="AdbeRdr950_en_US.mst" EULA_ACCEPT=YES




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