Notifier dumps core repeatedly when unable to resolve SNMP host address

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In the notifier configuration in the VCS configuration, If the address used for the SNMP host is incorrect or otherwise un-resolvable to an IP address the notifier agent may dump core on every cycle.



Stack from core:

bash-3.2# mdb core_testhost_notifier_0_0_1351696573_18365
Loading modules: [ ]
> ::status
debugging core file of notifier (32-bit) from testhost
file: /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/notifier
initial argv: /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/notifier -v p=14141,l=30 -n p=14144 -s m=monpp5,l=Error,c=publ
threading model: multi-threaded
status: process terminated by SIGSEGV (Segmentation Fault)

> ::stack`freeaddrinfo+4(0, 55628, ff21fb3c, 11b060, 14a050, 0) <===========================
__0FPsnmp_sess_closePv+0xac(18c770, 1, ff223a00, 0, 0, ff223a00)
__0FOsnmp_sess_openP6Msnmp_session+0x75c(feef86a4, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
__0FJsnmp_openP6Msnmp_session+0x28(feef86a4, 0, 4e, 0, 80808080, 1010101)
__0FOsnmp_trap_sendP6FVElemP6RSNMP_manager_type+0x2804(18d888, 182490, 183060, 0, 3e8, 0)
notifier_srv+0xe84(0, feefc000, 0, 0, 422f0, 0)`_lwp_start(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)



Solaris 10


SNMP configuration issue.


Use a IP address or resolvable hostname in the  SNMP configuration. There is a defect in the way notifier agent handles wrong SNMP configuration and a fix has been created to address that issue as: VRTSvcs-5.1SP1RP3HF3.

Supplemental Materials

Value 3028644
Veritas Cluster Server notifier process dumps core if there are any issues in 
SNMP configuration.

The Notifier process tries to start an SNMP session on a system. If there are 
any issues with the SNMP configuration, freeaddrinfo is called. However, a 
condition where freeaddrinfo was called with a NULL value that lead to a SIGSEGV 
to the Notifier process and a core dump was not handled.

Symantec has fixed the notifier process and freeaddrinfo is only called when the 
argument passed to it is not NULL.

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