Computer Status automatically changes from Active to Retired

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When reviewing a list of Computers, it is noticed that some of them have had their Status changed automatically from Active to Retired.


This is likely working as designed if Purging Maintenance is enabled (which it is by default).


One of the purposes of Purging Maintenance (which is a Core process, not Asset Management Solution or CMDB Solution, as it is often mistaken to be) is to change a Computer's Status to Retired if its Agent has not checked in within a preset amount of time. This is described in the Symantec Management Platform User's Guide, starting on page 49.

Symantec Management Platform 7.1 SP2 User Guide

  1. In a Symantec Management Console, click on the Settings button > All Settings.
  2. Click to expand the Notification Server folder.
  3. Click on Purging Maintenance.
  4. On the Purging Maintenance tab, uncheck the "Purge managed computers reporting in to this NS, which have not reported data for" checkbox.
  5. Click on the "Save settings" button.
  6. If the issue still continues the next day, review the Windows Scheduled Tasks list on the Symantec Management Platform server for additional troubleshooting from the tasks that are running when the computers are being retired.

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