HOW TO: Enabling/disabling CSAPI debug logging for Scan Engine on Windows Server

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As instructed by Symantec's support engineer, you want to know how to enable and disable CSAPI debug logging feature.


SSE 5.2.8 or later running on Windows Server 2003 and above (CSAPI 9.0 or later)


To enable CSAPI debug logging please use the following steps

1. Open System Properties

-- on Windows 2003 that is accomplished by clicking on Manager Your Server / Computer and Domain Name Information

-- on Windows 2008 that is accomplished by clicking on Server Manger / Change System Properties

2. Choose Advanced tab and click on Environment Variables option

3. On the Environment Variables page under System variables, click on New and add the following variable to your system.

    CSAPI_DEBUG_LOG: variable name
    Value: C:\csapi.log

    CSAPI_DEBUG_LEVEL: variable name
    Value: 5

    CSAPI_DEBUG_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT: variable name
    Value: 104857600

    CSAPI_DEBUG_SECTION: variable name
    Value: 32767
4. After adding the above system variables restart the Windows Server for the changes to take effect.

Important:  This procedure will require a system restart for configuration changes to take effect.
Please select an appropriate time to conduct this operation to minimize the impact on the environment.
The contents of this document are to be performed only upon instruction from a Symantec support engineer.
To avoid unnecessary load on the production system, please remove the environment variable that you added after collection of the requested debug logs, and restart the system.

5. After rebooting the Windows Server test scanning the problematic file and immediately gather the C:\Csapi.log file for review.

Caution: If CSAPI_DEBUG_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT variable is not specified, there is no upper limit to the log size. A Csapi.log of 100 MB (104857600 bytes) is created with the above settings. The Csapi.log will be overwritten when the maximum size is reached so it is important to run the test immediately after reboot of the system. You can change the log size by changing the value of the CSAPI_DEBUG_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT. Please do not change the default log size of 100 MB unless requested by a Support Engineer.

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