Known Issue: User's address is empty in the ServiceDesk Cubes and time spent is shown in minutes when it was recorded in seconds in IT Analytics

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  • The user’s address is empty in the ServiceDesk cubes.
  • Time spent is shown in minutes when it was recorded in seconds.


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 This issue is isolated to the following environment:

  • IT Analytics for ServiceDesk 7.1 SP2 only

Caution: This KB Article is NOT applicable to those customers using IT Analytics for ServiceDesk 7.5



  • The Service Desk Solution ProcessManager schema was modified to allow multiple physical addresses for each user.  Current versions of IT Analytics for ServiceDesk Pack have not been updated to match this change so user addresses do not show up in the cube.
  • The Service Desk Solution records time spent on an incident in seconds.  The ServiceDesk cubes display that time in minutes without making the conversion from seconds to minutes.  So, if a user records 1 minute of time spent, the ServiceDesk stores it as 60 seconds and IT Analytics displays it as 60 minutes.


 The attached version of spITAnalytics_SD_Createviews corrects the issues above.  It pulls the user’s main address into the cube.  If the user has multiple main addresses it pulls in only the first address. Time spent has also been corrected by dividing the seconds Symantec stores by 60 to display them as minutes in the cube.  Use the following procedure to make the corrections:

1.       Open the attached file SQL Server Management Studio.

2.       Select your Symantec_CMDB from the Available Databases dropdown.

3.       Click !Execute in the SQL script window.  This will alter the stored procedure.

4.       Right Click Symantec_CMDB > Programmability > Stored Procedures > dbo.spITAnalytics_SD_CreateViews and select Execute Stored Procedure

5.       Click OK.  This will alter all of the stored procedures that IT Analytics for ServiceDesk pack uses to pull data from the Symantec_CMDB into the ServiceDesk cubes.

6.       Process the ServiceDesk cubes.

Verify the fixes by using the Pivot Table to review user addresses and time spent are now correct.

spITAnalytics_SD_CreateViews_Address_Fix.sql - Contact Support with KB article number to request attachment

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