An EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair operation may not fully repair an Archive if it is wrongly believed that some folders are empty

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EVSVR is used to help in repairing Enterprise Vault (EV) SQL Database Inconsistencies, for example following a Disaster Recovery scenario involving a restore of an older version of the SQL Database.
The DirectoryArchives repair option helps in synchronizing the  Archive (ArchivePoint) and ArchiveFolder (Vault) records between the EnterpriseVaultDirectory and VaultStore Databases.

In certain cases, if the ArchivedItems field within the Vault table located in the VaultStore Database is incorrectly set to 0 (as the particular vault contains associated records in the Saveset Table), the affected vault/folder will not be repaired.



There are no errors logged. 


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.0 0 Release Details

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A Repair DirectoryArchives operation will fail if the Vault.ArchivedItems field incorrectly shows as Zero 

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