Setting permissions for amfstat and amfregister in Veritas Cluster Server 5.1SP1RP2 release

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The permission for the amfstat and amfregister files may be set to 600, which is incorrect. With incorrect permission set, the following utilities may fail or give unexpected results.

  • /opt/VRTSamf/bin/amfstat
  • /opt/VRTSamf/bin/amfregister



Release: 5.1SP1RP2

Operating system: Solaris

Architecture: SPARC

Version: 9


Set the permission to 500 for the amfstat and amfregister files. 

Log in as the root user and run the following commands:

# chmod 500 /opt/VRTSamf/bin/amfstat

# chmod 500 /opt/VRTSamf/bin/amfregister

 The issue is fixed in VCS 51SP1RP3 release.

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Behavior of amfstat and amfregister commands with incorrect permission

The amfstat and amfregister commands may fail or provide unexpected results if the permission set for the amfstat and amfregister files are incorrect:

  • amfstat:  The command fails to provide information about the resources that are registered with AMF.
  • amfregister:  The script-based entry points call amfregister. If permissions are not correct, script based entry points fail.

About amfstat and amfregister

  • amfstat utility reports the current usage statistics of the AMF driver.
  • amfregister is used by imf_register entry point to register resources for online and offline monitoring.

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