What licenses are there for SPC Enterprise 3.0 and what components do they effect

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 With SPC Enterprise 3.0 some features are not available unless you have the right License so you  need to know which license is needed.


The SPC Enterprise 3.0 product accepts the following licenses:

  1. SPC Enterprise Base License
    This is the license provided during installation and is Mandatory for installation.  It enables data collection on 500 devices.
    This license enables the following features:
    1. External Data Integration
    2. Business Assets
    3. Metrics and Analytics
    4. Mobile Registration
    5. Custom Panels and Dashboards
  2. SPC Enterprise Device License
    This license is provided depending on the number of devices on which they want to collect data.
    It is required for device metering(costing) purposes and does not affect any features.
  3. CCS 11.0 Risk Manager Base License
    This license should be provided to enable the Risk Manager features.  This functionality is the same as it is in CCS 11.0 Risk Manager.
    This license enables the following features:
    1. Control Studio
    2. Risk Management
      1. Security Objectives
      2. Risk Dashboard
      3. Risk Action Plans
    3. Risk Management data models for custom panel creation

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