Error message when viewing a document. "Message referred by a URN could not be retrieved"

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Users can encounter an issue where the user interface shows the error message below.



For version V7x the error message is: [#10025] Message referred by a URN could not be retrieved.


For versions below V7x the error message is:   [#10024] Message referred by a URN could not be retrieved. on older versions


The error described in the screen shots generally means that Clearwell can no longer see the source. Either the source is not in the original indexed location or the Clearwell app no longer has permission to view the source or there is a network connection issue.


Take a look at where the sources are.  Hover over the envelope. This will popup the source location.

1.  Ensure the service accounts used for the ESA Application Service and all Crawler/Retriever services on the Clearwell appliance have read/write access to the source.
          Login to the Clearwell appliance as each of these service accounts.
          Check to make sure the Clearwell service account can access the sources with read/write access.

 2. If the source is not there or if the source has been replaced. Find the source that was originally indexed and put that source in the source location. 

After indexing  a source consider it laid in cement. Do not move the source or change the sources in any way. There is a method for moving source but it has limitations.  If moving a source is required use the support feature "Source Locator Modifier"

Also do not use the same source for another case. Use a different copy of source for each case.

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