KNOWN ISSUE: Unable to modify monthly shared schedules

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Customer reported the following:

We have noticed a defect that seems to have been introduced with one of the 7.1 SP2 Rollups. When modifying a monthly shared schedule, we set the months that we want the schedule to run for and select ok. When we reopen the schedule, it is still set to run every month.

Steps to Duplicate:

1. Create a new shared schedule under Settings->Notification Server->Shared Schedules
2. Set the schedule to monthly.
3. Uncheck some of the months at the bottom of the screen and click ok.
4. Edit the new shared schedule, and you will see all of the months checked again.

We have verified this is in the following versions:
SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1.1
SMP 7.1 SP2 Rollup v4 (HOWTO64413)

Note: If you uninstall 7.1 SP2 Rollup v4, it works normally in the plain 7.1 SP2. After installing Rollup v4 again, the defect returns.



Symantec Management Platform 7.1 SP2 Rollup v4, 7.1 SP2 MP1


Known issue.


This issue has been reported to the Symantec Development team. A permanent fix will be provided in a later release (currently ETA for 7.1 SP2 MP1 Rollup v5).

There is a workaround:
1. Export the actual Shared Schedule. In this case you will need to search the item table for it:

select * from item where name like '%share schedule name%'

2. Grab the GUID for it and use the ImportExport util (under ...\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools directory) to get the shared scheduled exported:

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools>ImportExportUtil.exe /export <GUID GOES HERE> C:\

3. Modify the xml. You need to add the "months" attribute to it, specifiying the months by number:

<enabled>True</enabled><schedule tz="Local" start="2013-01-23 00:00:00 "><trigger type="YearlyByWeek" exact="True" at="09:00:00 " months="1,2,5,9,12" weeks="1" weekdays="1" /></schedule><sharedSchedule>{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}</sharedSchedule></scheduling>

4. Save the xml and import it using the importexport util:

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools>ImportExportUtil.exe /import "C:\Custom Schedule _8ce610de-a51c-4c3a-807a-1cba66c658d3.xml"

5. Check the shared schedule and it should display now the months that you manually added on step 3 above.

Note: If you resave the shared schedule, it will reset the months and set all of them back.



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