Privileges required to import an SQL Server Asset in Control Compliance Suite v11.0

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SQL Server asset import fails if user credentials does not have local administrator right on the target SQL Server.


The operation completed successfully ( error encountered after completion of a SQL asset import  job , and the data collector doesn’t return any assets to the CCS ).


Control Compliance Suite 11.x ; target SQL Server : MS SQL Server 2005 / 2008


Lack of local administrator privilege to the Windows user credential of target SQL Server as defined in the credential database of the CCS 11.0 .



  1. In order to import a SQL Server asset into CCS v11.0 , the Windows user credential used to connect to the target SQL Server should have the local administrator rights on the SQL Server machine . Otherwise , the SQL Server asset does not get imported  .

Note : The above mentioned requirement is only if using ‘Agentless’ method to configure the target SQL Server in the CCS v11.0 system .  

  1. Please refer to page 18 topic : ‘Privileges to import an SQL Server Asset’ in the attached document named : ‘CCS_Data_Collection_Privileges.pdf’  for detailed information.


Privileges document for data collection of Windows, SQL and Oracle assets in CCS 11.0
CCS_Data_Collection_Privileges.pdf (398 kBytes)

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