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The Clearwell product relies on having a certain amount of free space on both the C: and D: drives.  The minimum suggested free space is 10GB on the C: drive and 500GB on the D: drive. If the Clearwell system runs out of space the issue may present itself in several different ways. 



In the log files a message may appear like  Not enough free space available or the user may encounter IE 404 error.  


For the C: drive Start by doing typical Windows Maintenance.  

1. Control Panel > problem reports and solutions. Left hand side, clear solution and problem history.
If that does free up space,  change the settings to disable this problem reporting from the same screen.

2. Look into the following directories: (these are hidden folders)
C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue

3. Delete temporary Internet Cache (for each user account)

4. Review the "Users" directory and clean items to help free up space.

5. Using a third party tool like treesize can help find where the space is being taken up. 

6. C:\CW may also contain a copy of eDiscovery sample data that may no longer be needed



Here are some helpful hints to clear space off the D: drive

1. From the Clearwell User interface navigate to the System > Jobs
Set the settings to most inclusive and delete any old jobs that are complete and not needed any more.

2. Move the backup location off to a network location. In order to move data use robocopy as described :
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AND reconfigure the location of the backupdir:
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4. IF there are any old lingering versions of clearwell under D:\CW\Vxx 
consider copying them off and delete them as well. There is really no need to have them there as the new environment cannot be downgraded to an older version.

5. If there are case sources on the D drive that is not a best practice. Consider moving the sources off to a network location. Follow the process for moving the source off.
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6. A third party tool like treesize can help find where the space is being taken up. 

7. Follow the typical Windows maintenance processes like Deleting the recycle bin data from D:\

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