How to Release Multiple Messages from SMSDOM

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SMSDOM does not come with the ability to release multiple messages from the quarantined database.  This can be time consuming if you have many messages that need to be released.



To resolve this issue there is a LotusScript agent that can be used.  This agent will give you the ability to select and release multiple items in the quarantined database.  To install the agent follow these steps:

  1. Download the SMSDOM Mass Releaser Agent.txt file
  2. Open the file, select all the contents and copy into memory
  3. Open the Lotus Administrator Client
  4. Open the savquar.nsf database
  5. Select from the menu View / Agents
  6. Select the New Agent button at top left
  7. In left pane select Initialize function
  8. In right pane near top where it says Run make sure it says LotusScript
  9. In the right pane it will say Sub Initialize, blank line, End Sub, highlight all of these lines
  10. Paste the agent contents
  11. Select from the menu File / Close and when it ask if you want to save select yes.
  12. The agent will be saved as Untitled.  Left mouse click on Untitled and then rename to Mass Releaser
  13. Now select File / Close

You are now ready to use this new feature.  Select as many items as you would like to release from the savquar.nsf database.  Then select from the menu Actions / Mass Releaser and then just answer the questions for how you want the agent to run.

Attached to this technote is also a video that demonstrates how to install and use the agent.



SMSDOM Mass Releaser Agent.txt (13 kBytes)
Mass Releaser (40 MBytes)

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