Bulk Import into the Employee List using a Perl script, does not function

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The sample script in the Identification and Collection Guide is vague.  Perl is the supported bulk import scripting language. 

The ability to use either a Perl script or a CSV file to manually import Custodians to the Employee List was designed for those environments that do not allow access of the Active Directory from the Clearwell appliance.  Using a Perl script to automate pulling of information from Active Directory straight into the Employee List is not supported.



There are two issues that must be addressed in order to allow Perl script to bulk import into the Employee List

- Rename the folder to from BulkImport to bulkImport (case Sensitive)
location: D:\customerScript\bulkImport

- Save the script with the extension .pl
.pl is the Perl executable format


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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH202912

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