Event ID 20488 may occur on a Windows file server when converting Enterprise Vault (EV) File System Archiving (FSA) items to placeholders after archiving with FSA Shell Extension.

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This issue can occur during the shortcut creation process after a group of files, where some of them are large files, has been archived using the FSA Shell Extension and the vault store is set to Remove safety copies: After backup.   The shortcut does get created properly on the file server, however the following errors appear on the file server and EV server. 


Log Name:    Symantec Enterprise Vault
Source:        Enterprise Vault
Event ID:      20488
Task Category: File Placeholder Service
Level:         Error
Failed to write a placeholder file
File Name: C:\EVFiles\Large_File.iso

The following will be seen in the archiving task report log file:

*** Error *** - Error making file: \\?\UNC\FS1.EV.LOCAL\EVFiles\Large_File.iso a placeholder file. Value does not fall within the expected range.




This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 - Release Details


Note:  This error does not occur if the vault store is set to Immediately after archive for Remove safety copies.  The item is converted to a placeholder without error after sucessfully archiving. 


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Event ID: 20488 occurring on file server when attempting to create placeholder for an API archived file.


Failed to write a placeholder file

SourceEvent ID

Failed to write a placeholder file

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH204710

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