The agent keeps dropping its GUID and receives the same one again.

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When the agent makes a request to update its configuration it suddenly drops its GUID and eventually gets the same GUID back a few minutes later; but its configuration never gets changed or updated. As a result it is not functioning or receiving new policies and programs etc.



The underlying error being returned when GetClientPolicies.aspx is being hit is

The specified resource does not exist



Symantec Management Platform 7.1 SP2 MP1.1



 The root of the problem was that the following two SQL views were corrupted and had no way of returning any results when a requesting computer resource's GUID needs to be looked up.


To test if this condition exists run the following SQL statements against the database.  If either query returns zero results then the cause is confirmed 

select COUNT(*)
from vRM_Resource_Item_Partitioned r
join vComputer vc on vc.Guid = r.Guid
select COUNT(*)
from vRM_Resource_Partitioned r
join vComputer vc on vc.Guid = r.Guid



Functioning copies of the views are attached to this article. Simply run the SQL in them against the Symantec_CMDB database (or whatever the database name is) via SQL Management Studio.

NOTE: If errors are generated when attempting to execute the SQL in the file(s) against the database it is likely because these "views" are made up of multiple UNION queries, and that one or more tables referenced in the series of UNION statements does not exist in the database.

If so then simply find the line where the table referenced in the error is found and clip it out along with the entire SELECT and UNION statement. 


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