Running SymHelp Without .NET

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Need to run SymHelp on a system without .NET 2.0 or later



Download SymHelp_noCLR.exe
To download a version of Symantec Help (SymHelp) that can run on systems with .NET 1.0 or no .NET use the following link:
About SymHelp_noCLR.exe
SymHelp_noCLR.exe is a version of Symantec Help (SymHelp) that is capable of running on computers regardless of whether .NET is installed or not. SymHelp_noCLR.exe was created as a separate utility for the following reasons:
·         Although most computers have SymHelp’s required .NET 2.0 or later installed, there are a significant number of systems that do not
·         To run on systems that do not have at least .NET 2.0 requires a significant increase in the size of the utility (roughly doubling the size)
The suffix noCLR stands for “no Common Language Runtime” where Common Language Runtime refers to the virtual machine that is part of .NET. When no Common Language Runtime (or no .NET) is present, SymHelp_noCLR.exe can be used because it carries its own .NET. 
Running SymHelp_noCLR.exe
How SymHelp_noCLR.exe behaves depends on the version of .NET installed on the computer as follows:
·         .NET 2.0, .NET 1.0 or no .NET: Like SymHelp running in .NET 2.0, SymHelp_noCLR.exe will prompt the user to either update .NET (thereby allowing for the Standard UI and full functionality) or continue in the Reduced UI mode. 
·         .NET 3.0: SymHelp_noCLR.exe will automatically run in the Standard UI mode
To force SymHelp_noCLR.exe to use its own .NET (and thereby possibly avoid an issue with .NET on the computer in question) when .NET 2.0 or later is present on the computer, use the following command-line:
SymHelp_noCLR.exe –noclr 
SymHelp_noCLR.exe -mono
Note: -noclr must be all lower case!
SymHelp, .NET and UI mode in Detail
SymHelp and SymHelp_noCLR.exe have two UI modes depending on the availability of .NET:
1.       Standard UI: requires .NET 3.0 or later
2.       Reduced UI: engaged when…
a.       .NET 2.0 is installed
b.      SymHelp_noCLR.exe runs and .NET 1.0 or no .NET is installed
The two UI modes offer the following range of functionality:
1.       Standard UI: Full functionality
2.       Reduced UI: Partial functionality
a.       Full (All) data collection
b.      Threat Analysis Tools
                                                               i.      Symantec Power Eraser
                                                             ii.      Load Point Analysis
SymHelp.exe and SymHelp_noCLR.exe have different .NET requirements to run on a given computer:
·         SymHelp.exe requires .NET 2.0 or later
·         SymHelp_noCLR.exe runs with or without .NET


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