Symantec Protection Center (SPC) Enterprise Maintenance Pack 2013-1

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A Maintenance Pack is required to deliver the enhancements and fixes for Symantec Protection Center (SPC) Enterprise 3.0


Release Highlights
You can now upgrade the SPC Enterprise 3.0 installation to SPC Enterprise 3.0 Maintenance Pack (MP) 2013-1. The SPC MP 2013-1 release brings in enhancements to the existing capabilities and new features as well.
SPC Enterprise Maintenance Pack 2013-1 delivers the following new features and enhancements:
·         New - Define your own metrics on user-defined data systems
Create metrics as per your business requirements and configure it to be viewed on SPC Enterprise and SPC Mobile. You can also configure these metrics to generate alerts when the target is breached. These metrics can be created on data that is imported by using user-defined connectors such as Web services, ODBC, and CSV.
·         Enhanced – Ability to customize Symantec-defined Metric Categories
Customize Symantec-defined metric categories to include user-defined metrics.
·         Enhanced – Availability of additional attributes for metric creation in Symantec-defined data systems
Additional attributes are available for metrics creation in Symantec-defined data systems.
·         New – New interface for metrics creation
A new interface for creating user-defined metrics along with its description has been introduced.
·         New – Automatic generation and management of metrics in Metric Category Dashboards
The layout of metrics in a dashboard for each metric category is managed automatically based on the metrics selected to be viewed on SPC Mobile. A new dashboard is generated on the fly for user-defined metric categories.
·         New – Dynamic Dashboards
A new dashboard can now be generated on the fly for user-defined metric categories. The layout of metrics in a dashboard for each metric category is managed dynamically based on the metrics configured to be viewed on SPC Mobile.
·         New – On-demand trend computation
Register a metric for trend computation. Once registered, the trend is computed from that point-in-time, which you can view using the default trend panel for a metric. This option is available for all user-defined and Symantec-defined metrics.
·         Enhanced – Conditional business asset association during data import
Condition-based post rules and update rules are introduced that let you associate resolved network assets with business assets, as part of the external data import process.
·         Enhanced – Increase in the number of associations for business assets
Associate up to 5000 network assets or business assets with a business asset.
·         New – Action plan submission by using email
Submit action plans by using the newly introduced email option. This also includes an email preview. This feature lets you preview your action plan and make any modification before submitting it.
·         Enhanced – Action plan progress tracking
Track the progress of multiple action plans. You can view the count of items in an action plan and the percentage of action plan items in open, in progress, on hold, rejected, expired, error and completed status.
·         New – Action plan support for user-defined metrics
The action plan creation feature has been enhanced and you can now create action plans on user-defined metrics that are created from Symantec-defined connectors.
For more details on the new features and enhancements, refer to the SPC MP 2013-1 Release Notes.

Note: This Symantec product may contain third party software for which Symantec is required to provide attribution (“Third Party Programs”). Some of the third party programs are available under open source or free software licenses. The license agreement accompanying the software does not alter any rights or obligations you may have under those open source or free software licenses. The SPC Third-Party License Agreements Readme document contains proprietary notices for the third party programs and the licenses for the third party programs, where applicable. 


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Release Notes
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SPC Third-Party License Agreements Readme
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