How do I retrieve XML from Explorers?

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When troubleshooting the data that is shown in the CCS GUI, it is often useful to review the data collection process at the beginning where it is being collected by the CC explorer. This will often be requested by Support when investigating a CC Support case.


How do I retrieve XML from Explorers?
In This example these are the  commands to retrieve the XML from the StorageExplorer, and write it to the output file /tmp/storage_exp.xml. Note that the Explorer from which you wish to retrieve the XML must be running in order for the command to succeed.
./halsecurity login
./halcmd -A StorageExplorer -c "data.gao -f /tmp/storage_exp.xml"
In order to fetch the XML from an attached Managed Host, add the -h flag:
./halsecurity login
./halcmd -A StorageExplorer -h -c "data.gao -f /tmp/storage_exp.xml"

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