DS 7.5: KNOWN ISSUE: After applying HF1, a new "version" of DS appears in the license list with only temporary licenses.

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If you apply HF1 to a GA build of ITMS including DS, the updated version of DS comes with a new product on the list where you add licenses in the SIM.  You'll still see the Deployment Solution 7.5 on the list, but you'll also see Deployment Solution 7.5 HF1.  The first will have your licenses and license count applied to it.  The latter will have only a 10 count applied, and will most likely be over in usage.  It will also have a very short expiration.

Additionally, in the Console, on the First Time Setup page where you can get a quick view of your license status.  This will also display the erroneous product with temporary licenses.

Finally, in the logs, when the internal license refresh runs (by default every 30 minutes) you'll get a bunch of "information" level messages indicating that all but 10 of your systems could not obtain a license for this new product.


DS 7.5 with HF1 applied.  Also applies to a clean-install of HF1.


The full cause is not known yet, but is being worked on.  At least one of the reasons is a problem in the PL (for the SIM) but this only explains part of the behavior.


This is resolved in HF2 and we HIGHLY recommend you upgrade to HF2 or later (preferrably later) to fix the issue.

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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH212836

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