Duplicate media server names appear after joining a media server to a CASO server and the option to keep the devices "Locally Managed Backup Exec server" was used during the install.

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After joining a media server MBES (Managed Backup Exec Server) to a CASO server with the option to keep the Device and Media information local to the MBES  - "Locally Managed Backup Exec server" duplicate MBES entries show up on the CASO server.  One entry is offline (RED) and other entries is online. (FIGURE 1).






Backup Exec 2012

Enterprise Server Option (CASO)

Managed Backup Exec Server (MBES)

Disk Storage both Local and UNC on the (MBES) server.

MBES is joined with Device and Media information stored on the MBES or on the "Locally managed Backup Exec Server"





By Design



Per the Backup Exec 2012 (ReadMe

 "If you add disk storage to a standalone Backup Exec server and then use the installation wizard to add that server as a locally managed Backup Exec server, a duplicate entry appears on the central administration server's Storage tab. The duplicate entry appears in red. To resolve this issue, remove the duplicate entry."


Delete the Duplicate Server Entry in Red and Restart the Backup Exec service on the CASO server.


NOTE: If Disk Storage Devices on the MBES disappear or end up renamed on the MBES after joining to CASO server please see technote (TECH206611).





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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH213081

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