SEP SBE .Cloud: Action center reporting AV malfunctioning or turned off

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After installing SBE 2013 on a Windows 8 Operating System the Windows Action Center reports outdated or misleading information.


The Action Center in Windows 8 acquires information about the current status of installed antivirus software by using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). If there is some problem in the WMI Repository, or the WMI service is not started, the Action Center then reports outdated or misleading information.


Export the WSCSTUB.exe task from a working system(matching operating system) to import and run on the broken system.

  1. Open task scheduler on a working system with a matching OS and Symantec install directory.
  2. Make sure "Show hidden Tasks" is checked under the view menu.
  3. Select Task Scheduler Library and find the "Norton WSC Integration" task.
  4. Highlight the Norton WSC Integration task.
  5. Right-click and export.
  6. Open task Manager on the broken system and highlight the Task Scheduler Library.
  7. Right-click on the Task scheduler Library and select Import.
  8. Import the WSC Integration task, right-click and run it from the Scheduler Library.
  9. Restart the system.

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