SEP SBE .Cloud: Creating Custom Exclusions

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Symantec Small Business Edition .Cloud hosted portal allows the creation of the three types of exclusions, which allow customized protection based on software and environment needs.


Applying Exclusions

Custom Exclusions are added under the Computer Protection section of an Endpoint Protection Policy. The option is available to create Folder, File, and extension based exclusions. 

(This cannot not be done with the default policy; a custom policy will need to be created, see Tech212330)

  • Folder Exclusions will make sure everything contained in the folder is not affected by scheduled scans, Sonar and auto-protect. This is especially useful for a database folder that has constant disk I/O.
  • File Exclusions are useful when legitimate files are being detected as threats, or will need to be excluded from Sonar detection. Unlike folder exclusions which completely disregard the contents of a folder, excluded files are still accessed during scheduled scans for the purpose of determining their identity.
  • Extension Exclusions are used to help prevent the quarantine of legitimate files and to also increase performance of software that may use proprietary file extensions. These exclusions are especially useful if these file types are sent over a local network.


Removing Program Control Blocks

The second part to making sure custom exclusions work properly is to make sure the program that is running is not being blocked by the Program Control feature found in the Network Protection section of the Endpoint Protection Policy.

  1. Expand Program Control
  2. Click the Add Discovered Programs button
  3. Search the list of discovered programs and select the program being excluded
  4. Hit the Ok button and verify that control setting is set to Allow
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the policy page, select the group(s)to apply the exclusions to, select save and apply


Before creating exclusions it is important to work with technical support resources from the manufacturer of the software being excluded in order to ensure that all necessary paths and files are included in the rule-set. Making sure to exclude all the recommended files and folders per developers specifications will help reduce any conflicts with Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud.

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