Symantec Workspace Virtualization layers prevents Micosoft Security Applications such as Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (formely Forefront) , Microsoft Security Essetials from updating their signature definitions.

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When Symantec Workspace Virtualization has a active layer (In activated state) , signature definitions will fail for Microsoft Security Applications such as - Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection , Microsft Security Essentials.


Update to Microsoft Security Essentials failed . Check the internet connectivity and try again. Manually applying the updates works fine temporarily but reverts back the definitions to a older version when the machine is restarted with a layer "Activate-on-system-start-up"


Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (Formely Forefront)

Symantec Workspace Virtualization 6.x & 7.5 with active layers


It was discovered that Microsoft changed the function they used to enumerated the registry in a recent release which caused us to follow a different code path; As a result of which we end up skipping lines of our code that handle registry enumeration.


We have made neccessary alignments in our code to adopt for this change and solve the conflict. The issue is fixed in the 7.5 family and will be served as a Hotfix to our customers (7.5 HF2).

Note : 7.5HF2 is not available for public usage at this time and you may contact support to obtain a beta copy of our fix if your organization is seriously affected with this issue.

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