ESA-33232 - Point Fix for Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform V7.1.3 - Processing status does not reflect correct PST or NSF counts

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Which version of Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform can this Point Fix be applied

This Point Fix can only be applied to the following version of Clearwell:
Clearwell V7.1.3


What issue(s) does this Point Fix resolve?

The Point Fix resolves the following issue(s):

This fix resolves a discrepancy that could occur in the PST or NSF counts that are displayed in the "Processing Status" and "Sources & Pre-Processing" pages. For example, the "Processing Status" may show "3 of 3" in the PST column but looking at the "Sources & Pre-Processing" page may show more. The installation of this fix prevents this problem from recurring. To remediate this issue in existing cases, one of the following actions must be performed:

1. Run a processing job with the affected source selected. Once the processing job completes the counts will be in sync. Note that new data does not have to be indexed.
2. If running a processing job is not desirable, run a "Discover new files from source" job on the affected source. When the Discovery job completes the counts will be in sync.

How to install this Point Fix?
Preferred Method:
Use the Patch Management feature.  For more information refer to TECH209859.

Alternate Method:
Download the attachment and run the extracted executable.

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Processing status does not reflect correct PST or NSF counts

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