Unable to Schedule Synchronization Events or "Run Sync Now" when Provisioning Office 365 in the Manage Console

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During initial provisioning of Office 365 accounts and e-mail journaling in the Enterprise Vault.cloud Administration console, the Run Sync Now button is unavailable as is the synchronization schedule in the Scheduler tab of My Config

Although Office 365 credentials have been entered and saved them in the Credentials tab, there is a message on the My Configuration page that you have not provided your Office 365 Credentials.



The Office 365 configuration is not complete.  Please go to the My Config page to see the remaining steps you need to complete before you can start the collection.

On the My Configuration page you see an information message stating that you have not provided your Office 365 credentials.


If correct Office 365 administrator credentials have been provided, it is likely that you did not click on the Go to Next Step button after saving.


To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

1.  Verify the Office 365 Username and Password provided in the Credentials tab are correct and click on the Save button.  Once complete, a new button will be available Go to Next Step

2.  Click on Go to Next Step

3.  The My Configuration page will be displayed and there will now be a green check mark next to Credentials

4.  Click on Sync Scheduler

5.  Click Run Sync Now to run an initial sychronization event

      Note: It may be up to four hours until the initial synchronization is complete.

6.  Follow the instructions on screen to create a scheduled synchronization event if desired.


Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH214859

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