Enterprise Vault Office Mail App fails to load via the Outlook Web App with "Initialization Failed"

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Enterprise Vault Office Mail App fails to load via the Outlook Web App with Initialization Failed when attempting to open this via the Outlook Web App.  


Initialization Failed is shown in the Enterprise Vault Office Mail App. 

A Fiddler Trace (web debugging tool) shows the Enterprise Vault Office Mail App posts the below request. This is a Microsoft/Exchange operation.

POST https://exchangeserver.internal.net/owa/service.svc?action=GetClientAccessToken&ID.................................

The following response is generated:

{"Header":{"ServerVersionInfo":{"MajorVersion":15,"MinorVersion":0,"MajorBuildNumber":847,"MinorBuildNumber":31,"Version":"V2_8"}},"Body":{"ResponseMessages":{"Items":[{"__type":"GetClientAccessTokenResponseMessage:#Exchange","MessageText":"The token for this extension could not be retrieved.","ResponseCode":"ErrorInvalidClientAccessTokenRequest","ResponseClass":"Error","Token":null}]}}}31


A Console Trace using the Internet Explorer Developer Tools (F12 option) 

EVOMA (TRACE) 15:46:59.533: EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete() - no cancel check defined. MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (ERROR) 15:46:59.534: logAndReportFailure: EWSFindAssociatedItem.onEwsRequestComplete ID[ERROR_EWS_ERRORRESULTSTATUS] Err[Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server] [Result status:failed] MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (ERROR) 15:46:59.534: initializationFailed(): Failed to send a request to the Exchange Server MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (TRACE) 15:46:59.534: cancelSlowLoadTimer() MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (ERROR) 15:46:59.534: displayFailure() MicrosoftAjax.js:5
EVOMA (ERROR) 15:46:59.535: displayMessage() MicrosoftAjax.js:5


Exchange 2013 with the Enterprise Vault Office Mail App.


The Enterprise Vault Office Mail App requires access to Exchange Web Services (EWS) to gather Exchange information, which utilizes Microsoft technology. The request between the two application fails as a token is not supplied.

This token is part of authentication process using OAUTH and the actual request to EWS for information is then never made.  This process relies on the OAUTH configuration to be correct.  Specifically, the SSL certificates between the Authorization Configuration and Exchange thumbprint must match and exist in both configurations.

When the configuration is correct the Exchange Management Shell looks like the screen capture below. The issues are present when the the CurrentCertificateThumbprint does not exist and match within the Exchange Certificates.



Note: The Get-ExchangeCertificate CMDlet must be run on each Microsoft Exchange Client Access Server. It there are multiple servers in your environment check all Exchange Client Access Servers as it is local to that server.  The Authconfig CMDlet appears to be a Global setting/command.


A combination of the following CMDlets are used to correct this issue.  However, if you require any assistance, please contact Microsoft Support Services

  • New-ExchangeCertificate
  • Export-ExchangeCertificate
  • Import-ExchangeCertificate
  • Set-AuthConfig

Note: Each environment is unique and the combination/Use of the Powershell CMDLets used could also differ. 

Note: For more information on Security CMDlets review Microsoft KB dd351246

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