KNOWN ISSUE: File Snapshot Generation Wizard results in C++ Runtime Error

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When I run the File Snapshot Generation Wizard, it results in a C++ runtime error. This wizard is accessible from Start > Programs > Altiris > Solutions > Application Management > Files > Wizard.

The error dialog will occur during the "Snapshot Generation" step in the wizard. When the Next button is clicked, the Snapshot Generation executable is run, producing the error:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library"

Runtime Error!

Program: ...in32\x86\Application Mgmt Solution\Programs\baseline.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.  Please contact the application's support team for more information.


Application Managment Solution 6.0, 6.1




  1. Back up the local_master.bls file located in the NSCap > Bin > Win32 > X86 > Application Mgmt Solution > FileBaselinePackage directory.
  2. Navigate to Start > Programs > Altiris > Solutions > Application Management > Files and execute the Configuration Editor.
  3. Create a new configuration file using the editor (making changes as necessary) and then save the file to "local_master.bls" in the NSCap > Bin > Win32 > X86 > Application Mgmt Solution > FileBaselinePackage directory.
  4. Open the Notification Server console and click the "Tasks" tab. Expand Software Management > Application Management > Application Management Wizard.
  5. Click Run Application Management Wizard.
  6. Choose the Create a Baseline Scan option and select File. This will create a new File Baseline Scan, just as the "File Snapshot Generation Wizard" would have.
  7. Click Next to open the wizard.
  8. Choose the Select individual computer by name option and choose Browse to specify a resource. Once the resource has been specified, click Apply.
  9. Verify that the option to Run this task 'As Soon as Possible' is selected.
  10. Click Next to confirm the selections.
  11. If necessary, rename the task and then click Finish.
  12. Click Close to exit the wizard.

Note: The resulting baseline snapshot file can be obtained from the computer resource specified in Step 8 under the <InstallDir>\Altiris\eXpress\Baseline folder, named "Local_Master.bls". To use this file to run compliance scans, move the file to a local directory on the Notification Server where it can be accessed by the File Compliance Scan wizard.

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