The SRDF agent and where to access it

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The SRDF agent and where to access it


Agent Overview:

VERITAS clustering support for EMC SRDF consists of software tools to provide automatic and automated error detection and recovery in a clustered environment where data is replicated between EMC Symmetrix arrays using SRDF. These tools are add-on's to an existing robust infrastructure made highly available with VERITAS Cluster Server and VERITAS Global Cluster Manager. They take advantage of many of the features in these products to provide the highest level of disaster recovery protection, while still maintaining ease of use across major operating system platforms.

Agent Minimum Requirements:

  • One or more hosts directly attached via SCSI or Fibre Channel to a Symmetrix array containing SRDF R1 devices. These are referred to as the R1 array in this document,  though a single array can have multiple types of devices. The hosts will be referred to as the R1 hosts.
  • One or more R2 hosts directly attached via SCSI or Fibre Channel to a second Symmetrix array containing SRDF R2 devices, which are paired with the R1 devices in the R1 array. This is referred to as the R2 array in this document. Presumably these hosts and array are a significant distance apart from the R1 side to survive a disaster on the side R1side.
  • Some type of network heartbeating between the R1 and R2 sides to determine the health of those data centers
  • All hosts connected to the R1 array should be part of the same Veritas Cluster Server (tm) cluster where a cluster is defined as one or more nodes on the same GAB membership

The Veritas clustering support for RDF must be installed on each VCS node in the clustered environment whether a single VCS replicated data cluster or a WAN cluster with multiple VCS clusters connected by GCM. The support package includes the following:

  • VCS agent for SRDF
  • SRDF-related VCS triggers
  • GCM replication agent for SRDF
  • GCM heartbeat agent for Symmetrix
  • GCM SRDF configuration wizard
  • Symmetrix CLI (SYMCLI)

The first two components are relevant in all environments. The latter three are only relevant in a GCM WAN cluster environment and will be automatically removed as part of the installation process in a replicated data cluster environment.

To download the SRDF agent, click on the "Download Now" link below.


VCS2K20ENU_SRDF_253477.EXE (307 kBytes)

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