VERITAS SANPoint Foundation Suite and SANPoint Foundation Suite HA 3.5 MP1 for Solaris 8 and 9

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VERITAS SANPoint Foundation Suite and SANPoint Foundation Suite HA 3.5 MP1 for Solaris 8 and 9


VERITAS SANPoint Foundation Suite/HA 3.5 MP1 for Solaris 8/9 related files:

contents of spfs.3.5MP1.sol.CD_254415.tar.Z:
sanpoint_foundation_suite/    VERITAS SANPoint Foundation Suite/HA
     copyright                Copyright file
     docs                     Documents(spfs_icg.pdf, vcs_ig.pdf, vxvm_ig.pdf)
     installspfs              Installation script
     installvcs               Installation script
     licensevcs               Licensing script
     patches                  VERITAS patches
     pkgs                     Packages
     release_notes            Release Notes
     scripts                  Product scripts
     support                  Support package
     uninstallvcs             Uninstall script
     veritas_enabled          Array Support Library (ASL) packages

installer                     Installer script
installer.pdf                 Installer document
menu                          Installer menu files
win32                         Windows VEA GUI
docs                          A complete set of point product documentation:
                                  pitc_ag.pdf               vcs_barg.pdf
                                  vxvm_ag.pdf               spfs_icg.pdf
                                  vcs_ig.pdf                vxvm_hwnotes.pdf
                                  vcs_adg.pdf               vcs_ug.pdf
                                  vxvm_ig.pdf               vcs_appnote_a3x00.pdf
                                  vcsqs_appnote_fwtoqs.pdf  vxvm_tshoot.pdf
                                  vcs_appnote_a5000.pdf     vcsqs_cus_ug.pdf
                                  vxvm_ug.pdf               vcs_appnote_e10kdr.pdf
                                  vcsqs_ora_ug.pdf          vcs_appnote_rdc.pdf

Checksum of the compressed-tar file:
# cksum spfs.3.5MP1.sol.CD_254415.tar.Z
2085201911      364496699       spfs.3.5MP1.sol.CD_254415.tar.Z

Directions for uncompressing and untarring:
# zcat spfs.3.5MP1.sol.CD_254415.tar.Z  | tar xf -
# uncompressspfs.3.5MP1.sol.CD_254415.tar.Z
# tar xf spfs.3.5.sol.CD.tar

New Features with 3.5 and 3.5 MP1:

1. Installer - an automated installation and licensing procedure that lets you install packages using an Installation Menu instead of installing from the command line. This installer procedure cannot be used to upgrade a product.  Please refer to the product Installation Guide for upgrade procedures.

2. The 3.5 and 3.5 MP1 releases contain a new unified GUI - VERITAS Enterprise Administrator (VEA) which replaces VERITAS Volume Manager Storage Administrator (VMSA). VMSA is not compatible with 3.5 and VEA is not compatible with pre-3.5 releases.

3. The 3.5 and 3.5 MP1 releases contain a new licensing package which installs three commands under /sbin: vxlicinst - Install a new license, vxlicrep - display  
a license report, vxlictest - retrieve features encoded in a license key as well as descriptions.

Patches and fixes included in the 3.5 MP1 release:

112392-04 VRTSvxvm
4628999 (94225) 3.2: Excluded pathnames were displayed contiguously in single line
(112129) CORE: master vxconfigd coredump during slaver join
(112380) 3.5 MP1 vxsync core in vol_freeze_cluster; also log update failure causes filesystem to be disabled
(108888) I18N: untranslated string in vxinstall(
(107756) update modinfo and pstamp for VM 3.5 patch 1
4295380 (28606) VxVM does not correctly set dump device
4421145 (61755) typo in vxdmpadm help output for option getsubpaths
(79959) I18N checkin of help files, and adding to prototype file SOL.
(85455) vold_dm_as_da wrongly assumes that all danames correspond to dmp devices
(87807) I/Os stuck in VxVM I/O mempool waitq
(88421) I18N - Check in 3.5 I18N changes.
(89108) vxdiskadm option 4 will remove the only good plex without warning
(90840) vxrelayout dumps core with Segmentation Fault when striping column
(91698) vxdisksetup -i uses -f option of vxdisk
(92524) CVM: DCO update protocol does not handle cluster reconfiguration properly
4504662 (93080) vxdisk list reports disk status incorrectly
(94326) vxresize outputs mkfs output to stdout
(94361) VxVM: Please update vmcert's prototype file for any new tcs.
4479302 (95151) slave node joining of the cluster may cause the master node to crash
(97253) scripts/admin/volassist/make/ faling
(97568) panic attempting to do I/O to an upopened device.
(98069) CVM: not calling volcvm_join_complete even after join is complete
(99216) Initiator hang when disable the primary controller
(99394) vol_alloc() is returning NULL even with VOLMEM_SLEEP flag causing panics
4666269 (99652) Why Volume Manager needs to forceload SUNW,isptwo?
4693346 (99652) vxvm tries to forceload non-needed drivers on 2nd reboot of boot encapsulat.
(99731) CVM: slaves can not join to the new master after master_takeover
(100581) Add CVM support for Hitachi A/P arrays
(100598) vxvm VOL_DFLT_IOSIZE should be increased
(101343) vxinstall could cause mismatch between publen and partition table
(101597) add support for rootability with DMP enabled
(101612) CVM: unloading vxio driver without releasing port v
(101637) memory corruption in vol_dump_disks
(101709) Support scripts should give meaningful msg when encountering a bad disk
4754257 (102047) erroneous complaint that mountpoint is not in rootdg
(102081) rootdisk fails to re-encapsulate after VXVM package remove and reinstall
(102132) Data corruption problem in FMR during snapback.
(102372) some small DMP changes
(102638) upgrade_finish script is looking for vxlicense in /sbin instead of /usr/sbin
(102667) I18N - use of LANG shel variable should be replaced with LC_MESSAGES
(102668) VM 3.5s - file is set @ 555 permissions
(102727) vxmake tag name error
(102962) SxRT3.5 CVM vxvol (recoveries) get stuck in vol_object_ioctl after master takeover
(103005) vxassist mirror sometimes fails silently
(103135) CVM: gab returns EAGAIN during a cluster reconfig, causing master takeover to hang
(103206) Data corruption in FMR (102132)
(103454) In vxdiskadm (option 5) cannot replace a failed pre-3.2 disk with new 3.2 or 3.5 disk layout (CDS), because of smaller publen.
(103590) update modinfo and pstamp for VM 3.5 Point Patch 1
(103745) Node in cluster at OK prompt, causes other system to panic.
(103807) vxassist dumps core.
(103917) "vxassist make" fails with VEX_TIMEOUT
(103927) hung one of the nodes in the cluster during test #4 run
(104091) VM: Quick Install in vxinstall does not exit properly if no disk were selected.
(104177) ASL: ASL packages are modifying /etc/vx/aslkey.d and  /etc/vx/lib/discovery.d directories from 755 to 775,
(104246) DMP issues with VM 3.1.1 and SAN appliance
(104384) diskgroup import is slow for configuration with large number of disks
(104438) vxplex fails to use FMR to resync offline plex
(104469) SPFS/CVM 3.5 b14 - there is no link in /opt/VRTS/bin for vxclustadm
(104541) CVM/FMR vxsync never worked in a cluster
(104656) Group failover failure due to determining incorrect  num_luns   on a controller
(104673) ASL: vxasldebug command fails with "cannot create" error message, DATE is incorrect.
(104742) vxasldebug uses absolute pathnames to tar up /etc/vx/lib/discovery.d/*
(104916) VxVM on Solaris: Timeouts using lbolt can be too short
(105116) VXVM 3.x hotspare of rootdisk fails if disk failure is after a controller failure
(105121) vxrelayout fails with error: record already exists
4724737 (105185) libvxvmsc.h header file missing from VRTSvxvm package
(105372) I18N - prompts in Shell files are not always localized.
(105448) ADD PGR support for active/passive arrays
(105680) VAIL:VVS: Add the VVS Array Config policy feature bit in VM license
(105796) vxms: File permission related problem in vxvm_map_open_id
(105859) update modinfo and pstamp for VM 3.5 Point Patch 2
(106379) vxdg adddisk allows duplicate diskid in DG
(106396) System panics during SPFS array cable pull testing
(106597) check in Solaris SDS to VxVM converter
(106688) ../admin/volnotify/ failing on TOT
(106793) vxdisk list gives wrong info on ATF/4700 array
(106907) VxVM doesn't sync the whole plex after replacing disk
(106908) I18N: upgrade_start and upgrade_finish script
(106910) I18N:VRTSvlic package command in the vxinstall script
(107284) Possible wrong I/O count on objects because of not handling dg_objcpulist correctly
(107301) VAIL:VVS: vxassist fails with -o verify option if license for VVS Features is enabled
(107382) FMR2: a system crash after a disk is replaced by some other disk may result in data corruption.
(107473) SNAPDONE plexes are not resync'd after a crash
(107656) vxinstall should remove install-db if just using old configuration
(107662) I18N: vxdctl mode / vxdctl -c mode
(107756) update modinfo and pstamp for VM 3.5 patch 1
(108138) FMR doesn't resync properly after disk replacement
(108162) vxassist dumps core during relayout
(108615) Mode sense command fails on hitachi 9200 array with persistent reservation (fencing)
(108757) do_tur will loop forever
(108867) vxconfigd dumps core during 'vxdctl enable' after pulling out a cable from a SENA AA array
(108949) 3.5 MP1 vxdiskadm disk replacement says vols mirrored/no data loss when vols not mirrored
(109062) I18N - finish I18N'ize sdscvt for 3.5
(109402) vxdisk list shows Duplicate entries of AP metanodes
(109631) I18N: Update pstamp and release level of localized document packages
(109704) SDS2VxVM conversion not recognizing licensing(sig)
4753143 (109148) VxVM 3.5 does not generate photon license with mpxio enabled
(55730) rootability error msg with vxunroot
(84185) Bug in VOLUIO_ALIGNED() macro
(88005) CVM-TC: fails on TOT
(90814) ../kernel/vxdmp/misc/ _dbg fail on ga3.5_maint
(94296) SxRT3.5 vxinstall appends disk names to Menu line
(99539) SIGLicense : Memory leak in SIGLicense library
(99993) vxconfigd - "remove_dir" function is not releasing the file resources
(104042) VxVM: I/O operation is returning success even it failed in vxio driver
(104444) mirroring of root disk failed
(104926) vxassist make logtype=drlseq silently fails to make DRL
(106277) vxassist maxsize|make takes more time to complete (15Hr sometimes)
(106454) ../coverage/ fails on TOT
(108192) output from modinfo in 32p3.2 and 35p1.1 contains a "d" letter.
4656592 (108677) CVM volumes disabled after scshutdown and boot up on all cluster nodes
(109231) plexes with SNAPDONE state are not detached on i/o error
(109462) All VxVM Solaris patches need to always check for required Sun patches
(109656) Panic in hitachi_failback_lungroup for HDS A/P 9200 Array with 3.1 VxVM
(109746) SDS2VxVM conversion getting errors when trans metadevices exist
(109778) CVM support for Hitachi 9500 DF600 APG
(109578) FSQA 3.5MP d4 cfs stress hits BAD TRAP: type=31 in vxglm due to NULL pointer dereference
(110021) FAULT:when panic during vxdg split in vcs cluster; the split operation does not roll backward
(110031) VxVM: having install-db, trying to encapsulate disk will re-create rootdg.
(110267) vxunroot fails to find volumes in rootdisk if bootdisk got replaced
(110341) CVM: SUNW wants vxclust to not start vxconfigd with logging
(110421) SDS2VxVM conversion encountering problems in preconvert1
(110545) Problem unecapsulating after using SDS2VxVM conversion
(110671) preconvert error message to vague in SDS2VxVM procedure
(110702) i18n changes broke message in sdscvt S61vxvmconv
(110758) ted assert in dmp_select_path due to cur_pri_path pointing to unquiesced disabled node
(111011) vxdg or vx commands relocation error
(108174) EMC request dmp to use inqury 83 for Symmetrix arrays Lun serial number
(108573) CVM:TOT: fmr/snapopen.tcs fail.
(110022) FAULT: No share dg imported on one SLAVER node at a 4 node vcs cluster
(111018) vmcvt runs commands in native locale, then interprets output
(55725) VVR: vradmind core dumps when used with large number of volumes
(94274) VVR: vxrlink updates does not give the correct information on secondary
(96061) VVR: Update timestamp for VRTSvrdoc package
(96364) VVR: vxrlink pause hangs for Secondary rlink
(99729) VVR: config status pending flag not getting cleared when slave is paused
(100516) VVR: vxrlink updates command gives spurious value
(100852) VVR: rlink disconnect due to ack timeout on update message
(100901) VVR: SRL full messages not sent to console in case of autodcm
(101271) VVR: pause hang on secondary due to start_update message from primary and pause from secondary do not allow each other to complete
(102642) VVR: hdr/dcm-header does not flush after srl overflow
(103127) VVR: data corruption due to primary assuming to have sent data when it has not
(103714) VVR: VRAS startup scripts should not display No VVR license message
(103326) VVR: Data corruption when secondary rvg is ibc frozen and primary goes in DCM mode
(103389) VVR: problem when two RLINKs try to do srl flush
(103491) VVR: vxconfigd dumps core due to mistake in "msg"
(103845) VVR: panic due to holding of two locks in vol_rvdcm_unlog_update
(104030) VVR: VRAS logs become too large due to unnecessary debug messages
(104428) VVR: Panic in uw_copy_packet() when replication from 32->64
(104482) VVR: license error during upgrade from 3.2 to 3.5
(104617) VVR: vxrsyncd core dumped due to problems with license check string
(105498) VVR: RVG avg write size stat incorrectly includes reads if in passthru
(105930) VVR: vradmin delvol command should not delete an SRL volume
(105946) VVR: rlink disconnects while doing autosync.
(106812) VVR: panic while unloading module during autosync.
(107028) VVR: hang due to deadlock among active, restartq and serial sio
(106822) VVR: vradmind core dumps when ibc scripts pathname is long
(107227) VVR: VRAS: Do not check remote OS during configuration validation
(107559) VVR: Garbled error msg displayed when running multiple vradmin commands
(107746) VVR: vxrvg recover takes long time since SRL header is not flushed.
(108200) VVR: vradmin gives error messages in mixed languages for non-english locale
(108743) VVR: SRL recovery takes very long time because of resyncing of plexes
(109054) VVR: vrnotify sends incorrect notifications for certain events
(110265) VVR: associating a volume after role-reversal leads to config error
(110319) VVR: Remnant config info on secondary after primary rvg is deleted can cause data corruption
(110536) VVR: Data loss in autosync of vol w/regsz > 512 blks & rlink discon/connects
4479302 (95151) slave node joining of the cluster may cause the master node to crash
(105859) update modinfo and pstamp for VM 3.5 Point Patch 2
(103206) Data corruption in FMR (102132)
(103745) Node in cluster at OK prompt, causes other system to panic.
(103590) update modinfo and pstamp for VM 3.5 Point Patch 1
(104251) SxRT3.5 i/o's hang on cfs filesystems with dco log volumes and snapshots
(104541) CVM/FMR vxsync never worked in a cluster

113203-02 VRTSob
4685297 (111495) ***VxVM 3.5Beta*** world writable files in /var/vx and /etc/vx
(86806)  CLIs indicate that server is not started, but in fact the service is started
(111472) Registry APIs on UNIX are not thread safe
(102023) Memory leak in vxsvc and
(102279) Update copyright information for man pages
(104658) Core in DbUpdateCache
(105959) Need information regarding loading and unloading providers in the log file
(106436) Separate common code from isisd script
(107194) Alert Log and Task Log Property Dialogs not working
(107943) SendReceive Cannot find the connection object on master node
(108249) ISIS client(saclient) hangs in VEA APIs
(108250) 2 ISIS client disconnects with a socket error
(110641) [Stratus] VXERROR_UNEXPECTED is returned from VxGetDiskInfo upon disk insertions
(111216) CSAT: vxsvc cored with Syntax error in registry (0x1) at line: 2146

113206-03 VRTSvxfs (Sol8)
4751467  (112535) vxrestore omits files when restoring a level 9 dump with -r flag.
(107855) System panicked while trying to force remove (qlogadm -f remove) a QuickLog device.
(108451) A race condition resulted when the same minor number was allocated by issueing multiple open system calls to the /dev/vxportal driver.
(102634) NFS clients experienced poor performance when allocating blocks to files in a VxFS file system that was almost full.
(87699)  Memory leaks occurred when using direct I/O and making a writev(2) or readv(2) system call.
4745082  (98157) The default intent logging mode is "log" when mounting a VxFS file system with the -g (global) option.
4657088  (101308)  Panic occurred because PXFS file system vnodes were incorrectly interpreted as VxFS vnodes and mistakenly dereferenced.
4690047  (104879) Panic occurred when an ioctl(2) system call was made to VxFS with a null return value pointer.
4724039  (107074) Running the "fsck -o mounted" command on a globally mounted file system generated an incorrect error message.
(107530) System hang occurred while trying to unmount a context view.

113207-03 VRTSvxfs (Sol9)
Same incidents as 113206-03

113210-02 VRTSfspro (Sol8)
4774250 VEA--Feature to monitor VxFS file system capacity is not working. (This 3.5 GA06d bug was fixed in patch 113210-01 but was not documented in the accompanying README.113210-01.)
4712177 Errors when opening Mount FS Details window during VEA volume creation.
4718728 VEA fails to redraw/refresh window during large volume mkfs.

113211-02 VRTSfspro (Sol9)
Same incidents as 113210-02

113213-01 VRTSglm (Sol8)
(108593) Solaris -- vxg_find_ilock() returns NULL
(110680) GLM assertion failure vxg_recv_canceled_revoke:1

113595-02 VRTSobgui
4724966 (105280) VEA GUI loses connection after time, and does not easily recover.
(102279) Update copyright information for man pages
(102398) I18n: Running english VEA client on Japanese OS downloads Japanese catalogs from the server
(102566) I18n: Cannot handle Japanese on VEA client running on Windows while managing a UNIX server
(106119) Performance issue while connection to the first machine
(106206) Copyright in about box needs editing
(106239) Local machine disconnects from VEA GUI
(106360) When -host option is provided to VEA, the Favorites do not get autoconnected
(107194) Alert Log and Task Log policy not working
(107268) Untranslated string in VEA Client
(111283) change Mnemonic conflict for French  Aide and Action

113596-02 VRTSvmpro
4703887 (106257) VEA allows last disk in diskgroup to be removed without warning
4731835 (110259) VEA does not allow previously used disks to be used again
4738543 (110358) VolumeSnapabortDialog_Snap_DESCR' not found mesg doing SnapBack
(101056) Splash screen displays in wrong place in online help
(103079) dissociated plex view missing help menu
(110328) screen shot missing in help
(110750) RAID-5 and Striping not enabled with SENA license
(111273)  Color name always in English
4774232 (111379) VEA-zh : Java exception on client console
4774225 (111384) VEA-zh, fr: VEA console is not completely localized.
(111395) Text entered in tmpSize TextCombo displayed in reverse order in Change Volume Layout
(64662) DiskView expects at least one disk
(82718) apply button does not perform remove disk from disk group
(84436) missing Show Layout(DEX) menu option
(86648) right click on disk group folder doesn't have create disk group option
(88027) Import Dynamic Disk Group screen the alt + G does not work
(90636) unable to create new disk group
(92885) Destroy Dynamic Disk Group should not hang off of Host
(93424) several views place Help menu in incorrect position in menubar
(95014) Java Exception after connection and selecting some objects
(96436) DISKOP_INIT rejects a free disk with a non mounted file system
(97154) dg deport yes/no confirmation shouldn't happen before dialog
(99293) subdisks not associated with a vol are shown incorrectly in diskview
4685330 (100688) vea has conniptions when using vxdmp
(101471) volume view doesn't show layered volumes correctly
(101683) I18N: French Mnemonics are put in parentheses
(101715) Statistics View needs some clean up
(101829) need to enable set primary on fs when not mounted on local node
(101846) performance enhancements for views, menus, and dialog/wizard launching
(102212) HP-UX provider does not understand LVM controlled disks
(102493) plex watcher doesn't catch all add subdisk events
(102510) UNIX FS show mnemonic in the popup menu
(102566) I18N: Cannot handle Japanese on vea win client from the Unix server
(102578) SxRT3.5 fspro: File Systems should be listed in alphabetical order
(102631) create search module
(102954) event layer needs to pick up multiple add/removes on relation changes
(102970) vmprov install does not set StrictDepends for SearchResourceBundle
(103249) japanese style mnemonic used when displaying english
(103504) selected disks are not added when creating a new dg
(103600) need to hide alert interval for vxfs capmon on linux. (no fs sdk)
(103705) multi-select initializeDisk task does not work properly
(103949) remove severity and state cols on system object for all platforms
(103972) add support for flag to determine if vxfs supports alert interval
(104029) command for setting comment unnecessary
(104168) spaces allowed in mountpoint name
(104526) VEA does not offer root mirroring with lite license
(104886) NoSuchElementException in Vol/Disk Mapping View
(104964) VNumUtil is not i18n'ized
(105009) VAbstractScrollPanePanel JButtons mnemonic hardcoded
(105013) InfoPanel needs to lookup client extension when getting object anme
(105227) No tooltip for Volume View toolbar New Volume action button.
(105319) issue found with the French VEA:NullPointerException in the VmColumnSettingDialog
(105528) cannot initialize an Inactive disk
(105784) New Dynamic Disk Group fr specification text accents get truncated
(105888) eat double click for cluster node type
(105965) need to update fs info panel on fs change
(106054) New Volume wizard fr spec text "Enable Logging:" need space before colon
(106232) controller menu popup has mnemonic
(106233) fix update on dissociated plex view
(106234) only need yes/no conf in remove log/mirror and relayout
(106283) Browse Plex dialog leftpane title is not localized.
(106346) Need Confirmation dialog for Snap Abort Volume dialog
(106387) cannot select an inactive disk as a disk replacement
(106482) Add Disk wizard Add, Remove buttons displays in different sizes.
(106574) use VEAC I18Nutility to get locale instead of Locale.getDefault()
(106576) user VEAC I18NUtility to get locale instead of Locale.getDefault()
(107267) cannot see any object in the Layout View window for DCL volume
(107472) should not use setMnemonic() method for static string
4718728 (105050) vea fails to redraw/refresh window during large vol mkfs

113601-01 VRTSglm (Sol9)
(108593) Solaris -- vxg_find_ilock() returns NULL
(110680) GLM assertion failure vxg_recv_canceled_revoke:1

113702-01 VRTSvcs, VRTSvcsag, VRTSvcsw
89988  Change in behavior of VCS when resource faults (RFE 2).
102680 CurrentLimit for system is not decremented when parallel group goes from FAULTED to ONLINE state.
103579 Error message when attribute UseMpathd=1 for MultiNICB.
103844 Change clean script of Application Agent to terminate all instances of the process specified in MonitorProcess attribute.
106237 Mount agent offline and clean scripts modified to use umount -o force command of VxFS 3.4.  
107846 Notifier does not send mail when mail server specified is localhost.    


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