Corrupt DS License causes DS install from NS to report back as failed.

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I installed Deployment Solution and as I wanted to have Deployment Server on the same box, I decided to deploy it via Deployment Solution.

The DS package was downloaded and installed, but instead of it being displayed as completed successfully, it completed with an exit code of 191.

Priority: 4
Date: 04/10/2005 12:05:25
Tick Count: 2486375
Host Name: NF001S
Process: AeXNSAgent.exe (1920)
Thread ID: 3236
Module: AeXSWDAgent.dll
Source: ProgramExec
Description: Program 'Full Installation/Upgrade of Deployment Server' completed. Exit code=191

I then checked the file system, services and db, and they all seemed to have been created.  When clicking on ds icon, it displays a pop-up stating that its not licensed.  Pressing OK brings up the 'About Deployment Console' window showing no licenses applied.  A license was part of the DS Package.  When applying the DSPackage license via the License Utility, it throws an error say that incompatible licenses were found while comparing the Activation Key file.


2K3 EE SP1.  SQL 2K SP4.  NS 6.0.5287 with HF17 and 19.  Most of the point solutions.  Latest versions.  DS 6.5.233


Corrupt license files.


Installed valid license files via the License Utility and was then able to access the DS Console.

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