Lost BLOBs are not processed correctly by the Integrity Check (Hotfix 1)

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Lost BLOBs are not processed correctly by the Integrity Check job. Fragmented data chunks (that were partially in the missing BLOB and partially in the very next one) were left in the other BLOBs causing snapshots of some of the files to fail. Snapshot failures symptoms are addressed by article 29245.


Recovery Solution 6.2.2332


There is a problem with the LostBlobHandling stored procedure that is used to process all the broken references to the missing BLOBs during Integrity Check job.


A hotfix is attached to this article. It was designed to fix the root cause of the issue. In case you have snapshot failures as well please refer to article 29245.

Instructions how to apply the fix follow:
  1. Download the hotfix that has the updated LostBlobHandling stored procedure.
  2. It is not needed to stop the Recovery Solution Server service. Just make sure the Recovery Solution Server is not running the Integrity Check job at this moment.
  3. Go to Microsoft Query Analyzer* and load the downloaded script into it.
  4. Select the Recovery Solution database from the drop-down list on the top menu and execute it.


hotfix1_lbh.sql (14 kBytes)

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