VERITAS Volume Replicator (VVR) rlink disconnect due to transaction deadlock

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Event ID 114 reported in the Windows System Event Log on systems using VERITAS Volume Replicator for Windows.



Disconnecting RLINK <RlinkName> due to transaction deadlock

Figure 1 - Event ID 114




Storage Foundation for Windows with VERITAS Volume Replicator (VVR) option


When VVR objects are modified then VVR issues a transaction to update the on disk configuration copy.  The updates will be part of the I/O to the disks, but need to wait for all I/O to the disks currently in operation to complete as well as replication data to be acknowledged as completed before these update I/O are performed.

If VVR is attempting to make a transaction and the data transfer to the secondary via the network is timing out or replying with a negative acknowledgement (NACK) then it is possible the application running on the primary site will be disrupted and have its I/O held while VVR attempts to make the transaction.  In order to avoid this VVR will disconnect the rlink to allow the transaction update to complete and application I/O to recommence.  The rlink may reconnect soon after this event is logged.

Examples of VVR transactions include volume resize, mirror or snapshot operations.

Note: in logging this message VVR has only attempted to send network data 10 times before disconnecting the rlink whereas in regular data transfer VVR will wait for 50 attempts before disconnecting the rlink.


This error typically signifies an error with network transfer or the NMCOM memory on the secondary.  Investigate network traffic for packet loss and variation in round trip time.  VVR data transfer information can be found by running the following from an elevated command prompt which may assist with showing VVR data transfer errors relating to network or secondary memory:
vxrlink -i5 -e stats <rlk_name_on_pri>

Symantec Technical Support can assist with interpreting this output.

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Disconnecting RLINK <RlinkName> due to transaction deadlock


Disconnecting RLINK <RlinkName> due to transaction deadlock

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