Receive error when compiling a WiseScript containing the Deactive SVS Layer action

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Compiling a WiseScript that contains the Deactivate SVS Layer action can cause the error message, "You have referenced the variable _FSLGUID_. This variable has not been previously defined."

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new blank script.
  2. Add the Deactivate SVS Layer action.
  3. Compile the .wse.


Wise Installation Studio SP1
Wise Package Studio 7 SP1, SP2


The Deactivate SVS Layer script contains an incorrect Set Variable action.


This issue is fixed in Wise Installation Studio SP1, and Wise Package Studio SP3

Workaround: Modify the Deactivate SVS Layer action by performing the following steps:
  1. Find the file <Wise Package Studio>\WiseScript Editor\Actions\Deactivate SVS Layer.wse and unmark the Read-Only attribute.
  2. Open the file Deactivate SVS Layer.wse in WiseScript Package Editor
  3. The first line in the script is "Set Variable _CTLFSLGUID_ to %_FSLGUID_%". These variables are in the incorrect order. Modify this line to read "Set Variable _FSLGUID_ to %_CTLFSLGUID_%".
  4. Save the .wse (it should not be compiled).
  5. Re-mark the Read-Only attribute on the file.

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