When opening the Notification Server Console the browser opens to "Page cannot be displayed" and NSRedirect.dll failed to load errors

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When installing the browser opens to go to the NSSetup install wizard web page, but instead get "Page cannot be displayed".

Looking in the eventlog this message will be found "Could not load all ISAPI filters for site/service.  Therefore startup aborted." and "The HTTP Filter DLL D:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Isapi\NSRedirect.dll failed to load."

Checked to see if the NSdirect.dll was running by doing the following:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Click SERVERNAME (local computer) > Web Sites.
  3. Right-click Default Web Sites and click Properties to open the Default Web Site Properties windows.
  4. Click the ISAPI Filters tab.

The status for the NSRedirect.dll had a red arrow pointing down and the Priority was set as 'unknown'.


Notification Sever 6 (SP2 and SP3)
Windows 2003 Server


An older version of the ACLIENT.EXE (6.1.3XX) was installed on the server.
The old version of the ACLIENT removed permissions and / or keys in the registry for HKLM/Software/Altiris.


Possible Fix #1
1.  Check the Registry key HKLM/Software/Altiris for items named Expire, InstallPath, and WebSite, as shown below:

2.  If these keys do not exist, create them as String Value, and enter in the appropriate Data for your NS.  If you do not know the value for Expire, leave it blank.
3.  Repair the NS from Add/Remove Programs.
4.  Bring up the NS Console, which may ask you to run through the Setup Wizard again.
5.  While the Setup Wizard is running, check the IIS setting again for the ISAPI Filter.  The NSRedirect.dll should be Green.
6.  After Setup completes, Console should be fully functional.  (You'll need to enable NS Processing, as the server will be paused.)

Possible Fix #2:
If Deployment Server is NOT installed on the same server:

1. Uninstall Notification Server
2. Remove the ACLIENT.exe
3. Go the Registry keys and delete the Altiris folder under HKLM\Software.  ***  (See Note below) ***
4. Reinstall the Notification Server.

If Deployment Server or other functioning Altiris products are installed on the server, it is not recommended to remove the entire Altiris folder from the registry.  This could cause problems with other Altiris products.  Instead, open the permissions page of HKLM\Software\Altiris (by right-clicking on Altiris), click the advanced button, and select the option to...  "Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects.  Include these with entries explicitly defined here."

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