The Unix agent is failing to download the Inventory package from the NS, why?

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The Unix agent is failing to download the Inventory package from the NS, why?


Check the following points in order to find out why the Unix agent is not downloading the package(s) from the Notification Server:
  1. The Unix agent must be able to access the NS server using the NS server's hostname. This can be achieved using DNS or by adding the NS server's ip address and hostname to the client's /etc/hosts file.
  2. Ensure that you can ping the NS server by hostname
  3. Ensure that the version of the unix agent on the client is the same as the version installed on the NS server. To see the agent version on the client, run 'aex-helper -v'. The 'build' number will be displayed. To see the version on the NS server, open the NS console, navigate to the configuration tab, Upgrade/Install Additional Solutions, click the 'Currently Installed' tab and look for the 'Current Version' of the 'Altiris Agent for UNIX and Linux'. They should match. If they don't,  enable the upgrade policy or remove the old agent from the client and reinstall.
  4. Run 'aex-swdapm' on the client, select any inventory task and watch for any error messages. These messages may provide clues to the cause. 
  5. In the /opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/var/packages/{<package guid>} directory, there should be a hidden file called .aex-pkg-codebases. This file contains the url that will be used to download the package. Please try using wget <codebase url> to see if it can be accessed that way. See KB# 18240 for a list of the Inventory Solution for Unix, Linux and Mac package directories.

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