Unable to call VBScript action that contain Wscript calls from MSI

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I created a VBscript that runs fine outside of my MSI.  When I add it to my MSI it does not work.

The script calls some Wscript actions (ie Wscript.createobject and wscript.quit )




According to the Windows Installer SDK "Scripts" topic , wscript can not be used.

The installer runs script custom actions directly and does not use the Windows Script Host. The WScript object cannot be used inside a script custom action because this object is provided by the Windows Script Host. Objects in the Windows Script Host object model can only be used in custom actions if Windows Script Host is installed on the computer by creating new instances of the object, with a call to CreateObject, and providing the ProgId of the object (for example "WScript.Shell"). Depending on the type of script custom action, access to some objects and methods of the Windows Script Host object model may be denied for security reasons


Wscript calls are not supported from within MSIs according to Windows Installer's SDK 'Scripts' topic. 
If you need to create an object you will need to use a variation of the createobject action. 

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