Personalities captured by PC Transplant are taking a very long time to restore

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Personalities that took a relatively short time to capture by PC Transplant Solution, are taking a very long time to restore. For example, a personality that took 35 minutes to capture and is about 1 GB in size took 7 hours to restore.


PC Transplant Solution 6.5


  1. The capture template that was being used in the capture process was duplicating the folders that were to be captured. The filters were set to include folders that were already specified to be captured previously in the filter.

    The filters were also not omitting unwanted items such as Ghost images (*.gho).

    As a result, the personality packages were becoming much larger than they needed to be; plus the duplication of folders and contents were taking much longer to calculate and overwrite.

  2. The restoration is being done while the personality package is on a remote source. Interrupts on the network or available bandwidth is playing a factor.


  1. Edit the template and try to identify where folders are being duplicated and where content not desired is still being captured. Sometimes this is best accomplished by opening a captured personality with the Personality Package Editor (PCTEdit.exe) and comparing the contents with the template, then making adjustments.

    After making adjustments the restoration time usually goes down.

  2. It is also beneficial to copy the personality package to the target computer before extraction and restoration. This can be done via a Deployment Server File Copy or Run Script job.

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