How can I add a Manifest to my project?

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How can I add a manifest to my installation .EXE in WiseScript Package Editor?


The ability to add manifests to an .EXE was added for Wise Installation Studio/Express 7 SP1 and Wise Package Studio 7 SP3. 

If a WiseScript is intended to run on Windows Vista, or if you will use this WiseScript in a Windows Installer installation that will run on Windows Vista, complete the section in Build Settings of Installation Expert in WiseScript Package Editor to specify a manifest file. The manifest file is embedded in the .EXE during compile. 

You can set the following attributes for a manifest:

1.  Add a predefined manifest file for a specific run level

- asInvoker
- highestAvailable
- requireAdministrator

2.  Specify a manifest file

To embed a specified manifest file in the .EXE instead of the default manifest, select this option and specify a manifest file that is in XML format.

For details on manifests and UAC, search for "Application Manifest" and "User Account Control" in the MSDN Library (

If you plan to use the executable with the manifest on Windows XP, the target computer should have the following hotfix:href="">> Executing the file could bluescreen the computer without the hotfix applied.

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