KNOWN ISSUE: Partition creation hangs in "Starting"

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When I tried to install the Local Recovery Agent 6.2.2332 after reboot, it looks like it is starting the partition creation, then "Starting" appears at the top of the screen and the computer locks up completely; the only way out of it is to restart the computer. 


Local Recovery Pro 6.2.2332
New HP computers MODEL DC7700P Convertible Minitower or any other new brand hardware released after Recovery Solution 6.2


Local Recovery Pro is using ACPI during partition creation since WMIinfo query is not able to parse root\CIMV2 classes to find model and manufacturer.


A ZIP file is attached with the files NoACPIConfig.ini and rnsmshl.dll. Replace these files on the client computer in Altiris\eXpress\Client Recovery Agent before starting to create Partition.

Note that we have added DC7700 line to .ini file; if you discover that you have any other hardware with same symptoms, let us know by giving feedback to this article (to the right) and provide us with output results from wmiinfo.exe from attachment.

The hotfix can also be updated to the Recovery Solution Agent Packages which are located on three locations: one location on the Notification Server and two locations on the Recovery Solution Server.

AeXClnt.dll should be updated to the (which are present in the Recovery Solution Agent package) which can be modified using the ASPack.exe utility. Whenever a client side fix is replaced on the client computer, the fix can be updated on the Recovery Solution Agent package so that the next time the Recovery Solution Agent is installed on a new client computer so that the fix is automatically present on the client computer.

The, should be modified on the following locations:

  1. Folder Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\Recovery Agent Package located on the Notification Server.
  2. Folder Program Files\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Server\Agent\Install located on the Recovery Solution Server.
  3. Folder Program Files\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Server\Agent\Package located on the Recovery Solution Server.

The fix can be replaced in the the following way:

  1. Use ASPack.exe to modify Recovery Solution Agent package.
  2. Locate ASPack.exe in folder C:\Program Files\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Console\Tools.
  3. Launch ASPack.exe from C:\Program Files\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Console\Tools.
  4. For the Source Package, browse to Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\Recovery Agent Package\ in ASPack.exe.
  5. Select Action as Modify Package files from the drop down list and click Start.
  6. After clicking Start, the list of files contained in or AgentSetup.exe will be shown.
  7. Click the Add button and add the new fix.
  8. After the new fix has been added click next and a message will be displayed, “The package has been modified. Press the Finish button to save changes.” Click Finish.
  9. After the package has been saved, continue modifying the or AgentSetup.exe on the other two remaining locations, i.e. Program Files\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Server\Agent\Install and Program Files\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Server\Agent\Package by repeating steps 1 to 8 again.

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