Call Custom DLL action added to merge module becomes corrupt

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Call Custom DLL actions become corrupt when added to a merge module. 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a merge module.
  2. Add a Call Custom DLL from Installation custom action.
  3. Insert the call parameters.
  4. Close the Call Custom DLL details window.
  5. Double-click on the custom action that was just added. The message "This custom action have become corrupted, please reenter your custom action information" appears.


Wise Installation Studio 7.0
Wise Package Studio 7.0 SP2




A hotfix has been created for this issue. This hotfix can only be installed to a machine that has Wise Package Studio 7.0 SP2 or Wise Installation Studio 7.0.

  1. Download the hotfix from
  2. Unzip and run KB_33095_Hotfix.exe on the computer with Wise Installation Studio 7.0 or Wise Package Studio 7.0 SP2 server.

Note for Wise Package Studio users: This hotfix also needs to be executed on any Wise Package Studio clients that were installed as Local clients. If the clients were installed as Network clients, nothing needs to be done to the client as it runs the executables from the server location.

Note: This hotfix also fixes the issue for article 33336, "Failed to open document error message when opening a package containing a UTF8 code page."

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