Incorrect license count usage for Application Management Solution is showing on a reporting Notification Server

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The Production (Forwarding) Notification Server shows zero licenses "in use" for the Application Management Solution. Once Inventory has been forwarded to the Reporting Notification Server, the license page shows 2375 licenses "in use" for the Application Management Solution.

Incorrect license count usage for Application Management Solution showing on a reporting Notification Server.


Notification Server 6.0.6074 SP3 with KB 25133 (R3)
Application Management Solution 6.1.4082


The issue is a result of Inventory Forwarding. In an inventory forwarding rule data is being forwarded for all data classes including the Application Management data classes. This reporting NS performs a bulk insert into the ResourceUpdateSummary table for all computers being forwarded for the application management inventory classes even though there is no actual data being inserted into the inventory class tables for application management.


Since Application Management licensing keys off entries in the resourceupdatesummary table for the Application Management dataclasses and because we’ve inserted an entry for each computer, a license is reported being used for each computer.


This won’t have any affect on the NS other than showing that licensing is being exceeded.


Altiris is aware of this issue, and it is scheduled to be addressed in a future release of Application Management Solution.

There should be no actual loss in reporting on the Reporting Server as you already have a separate server for managing the agents, which has licenses.

If application management reporting is not needed on the reporting NS, to fix this go into your inventory forwarding rule and deselect the Software Management – Application Management Inventory Classes to prevent this data from being forwarded. Then run this query to clean out the entries in the ResourceUpdateSummary table.


DELETE FROM dbo.ResourceUpdateSummary WHERE InventoryClassGuid IN (

SELECT InventoryClassGuid FROM dbo.ResourceUpdateSummary as r

INNER JOIN dbo.InventoryClass as i ON i.Guid = r.InventoryClassGuid

WHERE (lower(i.Name) LIKE lower('AeX Msi%')

OR lower(i.Name) = lower('AeX SW Baseline Results')))

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